Your learnings | Progress Report | WHAT IS NEXT 

Experience shows: putting down learnings or expressing a-ha moments foster progress. Below two questions are helping to do so.

You might use this form right after each coaching session or every time a learning comes into your mind. Whenever it suits you best.

In order to build a solid coaching journal your thoughts and shares will be attached to your next coaching prep sheet. And this will work as a perfect reminder for the subsequent sessions.

5 minutes | for your progress: 

SHIFTS & AWARENESS (AH-HA’S) I’VE EXPERIENCED SINCE OUR LAST COACHING CONVERSATION. Any new thoughts, considerations, and awareness are to be included here. The new awareness, etc. may create a shift in your approach to your goals or how you go about achieving them. Please share these to advance your progress.
Action & Commitments as a result of our Coaching Session and your insights.