What do you need in order to make your daily life abroad good?

Irrespective of whether you are abroad for business or private reasons I want to see you enjoying life on a daily basis. 

Perhaps you imagined your new life here very differently: Perhaps you had expected more excitement, colour, or vibrancy. Certainly a little bit happier. Now the reality seems far away from that distant dream. Life is just not as you had hoped it would be.

what is missing here?

You've reached a point that most expatriates do at some stage or another. The foreigners really do feel foreign. Lonely evenings. Home sickness is par for the course. You don't understand the people. Nobody understands you. And sometimes it's even an effort to buy a Granny Smith! Welcome to foreign lands. Welcome to a foreign adventure!

what can I do for you?

Sometimes it can help to change the external reality of your life abroad.This might be the job, the apartment, the social scene - the list goes on. In the context of coaching, focused discussion can help to identify the potential areas for change and prepare you for the important decisions ahead.  

But far more significant on the road to happiness abroad is usually the internal reality. Fears, doubts, stress and loneliness, these are what are lovingly known as your "homemade enemies." These conspirators pollute your life and are capable of turing adventure into a nightmare. Coaching helps, to activate your own internal lines of defence, but also to develop routines and rituals helping you to master your daily life abroad.  

YOU + I - in person or by phone

No matter where you are in Germany: I am eager and ready to begin working with you as soon as you want.

Either we can meet personally in Munich or we can talk on the phone. I'm sure you're thinking - coaching on the phone does this really work?

Without any doubt: Yes. In fact you'll be surprised how well.

are you looking to make a change?

Go ahead and reach out to me by phone or send me an enquiry to arrange a time to speak. This will be a free non-binding consultation session (30 minutes). You've got nothing to lose.

what are your needs?

Coaching is all about your needs. You have your very own goals, dreams and issues. That is why you can expect to receive a personalized package from me.

  • At the beginning you'll get a questionnaire to note down your thoughts as they come into your mind. This helps you to get focused.
  • A session lasts45 minutes and we'll schedule 2-3 exchanges a month on a convenient day/time.
  • You can also expect a personalized prep sheet 2 days prior to a coaching exchange.
  • Between our sessions I am always available. You are welcome to seek advice, discuss a problem or share your success - there will be a lot of that.
  • You'll also get assessments and checklists adjusted to your needs and issues.

so all that remains to get started...

Give me a call or use the enquiry form. I'd be delighted to hear from you.


Kathrin Baumeister