Our work together | your feedback

I am honoured you have entrusted me to be your coach.

If it comes to my services, I want to improve on a regular basis. And this is why I want to check in with you: Do I meet your needs? Are you satisfied with our work together? Where do you see room for improvement? 

Our time together is all about you, your life, business and career – and I want to make absolutely sure that we are on the same page. The questions below can help us to put things that matter on the table. If there is anything you want to be different – please tell me. And of course: I appreciate to know, with what you are happy with. Fill in what you think is important and makes sense to you and adjust or disregard the rest.  Thanks very much for your time and effort. This is of great value for me. And the next time we talk: I am happy to explore face-to-face how to hone our work together. I am looking forward to doing so. 

It is all about you and your needs.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 lowest – 10 highest): How do you rate my services and the value given? *
Of what do you want to have more of? Of what do you want to have less of? In which area do want to get more support?