... who is both clear and structured in style. While I see the value in logical processes and favour structured formats I am never without my jotter and can spring from topic to topic. I need a certain amount of organised chaos.

I am also someone, who has travelled a lot and who knows that the world out there can be an emotional roller-coaster. There were days when I could have taken everyone in my arms and days when I simply felt alone.

When you are far away you feel the upturns and downturns in mental state a lot more than you do at home.


I would be delighted to support you in your journey.

Me and my big heart are with you every step of the way. You will probably be quite taken aback by the passion I show for your adventure and the emotional baggage you carry.

If we should end up working together then the first thing I would offer you would be a safe haven. A retreat for all your thoughts, questions, doubts, wishes, dreams, and goals. Every small matter is worthy of a voice and belongs on our discussion table. 

I am someone who loves to laugh. Thats why in my job both comical and factual stories play a role.


A few years ago I asked myself: Where can I learn about the experiences of German living or having lived in China?

I looked into the matter and concluded: A wealth of experiences had simply gone unnoticed. I was interested in knowing how people had tackled this.

I set to work with my "interview project" and since then I've conducted over 30 interviews in China and Germany). In my "letters" I share the results twice a month.

I can't believe I've clocked up nearly 3 years doing this. The subject of "expatriation" is complex and I have a to-do list longer than my arm - but I'm not going to give up until its done. Perhaps that's the Swabian in me coming out.


I love good food. 24/7. If it were up to me, Munich would be overrun with exciting eateries with alluringly scented dishes.

When I am not enjoying culinary delights, I can be found doing a length or two at the pool or conquering mountains.


Born in the Swabian Alps, I lived for 1 year as an Au-Pair in Paris having completed my A-levels.  I then made my way to Munich to complete a traineeship at Siemens AG HQ.

It was 2000 when my Asian adventure commenced - they started with 2 years in Thailand for Siemens Ltd. After that came China both in theory and practice: I studied Sinology at the LMU Munich and lived in Shanghai, Beijing, Taibei and even braved the Chinese countryside for a time.

Since 2008 I've been working for an IT Consultancy firm in Germany and Asia. Firstly as SAP CO Consultant, then in Project Management. Since 2012 this has been in a part-time capacity, enabling me to "be out and about" more, completing fact-finding interviews and coaching.


… and want to find out if coaching works for you? If you would like to let go a bit together then feel free to get in touch. I'd be delighted to hear from you. I am happy to offer you a free non-binding consultation session.

Book your session here. 


Kathrin Baumeister